Spiritual Book Awards

Last year we were overwhelmed by the amount of entries received – all of which demonstrated the importance of the book scene in the MBS industry. Our panel will read through all the books and applied the Soul & Spirit Book Awards criteria to find the winners of 2018.

Angels At My Fingertips
by Lorna Byrne

The Modern Guide To Crystal Healing
by Yulia Van Doren

​ ​

Moon Journal
by Sandy Sitron

​ ​

Secrets of Massage
by Cathy Meeus and Bhavesh T. Joshi

The Yoga Healer: Remedies for the Body, Mind and Spirit
by Christine Burke

Big Love: The Power of Living with a Wide-Open Heart
by Scott Stabile

​ ​

Swimming With Elephants
by Sarah Bamford Seidelmann

​ ​

Old Style Conjure
by Starr Casas

The Expansion Game
by Gosia Gorna

Mindfulness on the Go
by Anna Black

​ ​

The Wisdom Of Unicorns by Joules Taylor, Illustrations
by Danielle Noe

​ ​

Grace and The Ghost
by Estelle Maher

Parting the Veil: How to Communicate with the Spirit World
by Stuart and Dean James-Foy

by Jody Shield

Secrets of Meditation
by Kim Davies

The Goddess Revolution
by Mel Wells

The Awakened Dreamer: How to Remember and Interpret Your Dreams
by Kala Ambrose

Science and Spiritual Practices
by Rupert Sheldrake

Walking With Archangels – The Angelic Way of Ascension
by Hilary Hargreaves

99 Ways to Rid Yourself of Toxic Relationships: From Lovers to Friends, to Colleagues and General F**kwits
by S.L. Coyne

The Troubadour Tarot by Sara Pearson & Judith Hadley, Illustrated
by Peter Glazier

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Could you be our next winner?

Winning a Soul & Spirit Book Award can mean a great deal to you and your publisher. Not only do you have a respected accolade to celebrate and shout about, your book will be endorsed by one of our celebrity judges, it’s a great way to boost marketing and it will set you above the rest.

Entries Closed
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